You’ll Be Getting Mail

Masquerader V’s Invitation

I wanted to thank the Grandmaster’s for making a fine selection for the final round. I won’t disappoint.

I received my invitation today and I am curious as to how you knew where to find me, but as with all things, layers upon layers slowly reveal their true nature to those who seek to know.

Official Seal

I’ve asked my four girls to write a short letter with their thoughts on life. I adore my girls and value their input. I watched them go to school every day, to their weekend jobs and at home studying, eating, showering. I’m always there to make sure they’re safe from the dangers of this realm.

They’ve all agreed happily to take part. I will post their letters, unedited, soon. As a side note, I’ve seen one letter and I like my girls to be honest, there is profanity throughout. I am certain you won’t mind given the nature of my interactions thus far.

Masquerader V

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