Magic Realism

Magic Realism


Melling (2015)
Bolívar (2016)


Melling (2014)
Keller (2018)

Audio and music, spoken and sung, by:

Vocals Eastland (2017; 2018; 2019)
Magic Realism Talk (2019)
At Last (2017) – At Last was composed by Harry Warren and sung by Etta James in 1942. Etta (1960s) cut an albumn, At Last, with the song of the same name included. In this instance, it is sung by Karen Eastland (2017)

Star Dancing (2018) – Composed and sung by Karen Eastland (2018)

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (2017) – is a song written by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane and introduced by Judy Garland in the 1944, but is also sung by, in this instance, Karen Eastland (2017)


A discussion between me, Gothicess, and my handy little gnome, who’s looking quite tasty at this moment, in this time between all. He’s such an expressivist philosopher but the expressivist soul tastes like a cool lemonade on a hot summers day. I don’t mind waiting for him to complete his thought, it prolongs and satiates my anticipation every time I dine, although I’m not known for my patience!

Gnome: Anoxer Tirips

If Franz Roh’s idea of magic realism was an attempt to show everyday objects were enriched with a sense of mystery and unreality, as cited by Asayesh & Arargüҫ, then everything is magical? If it’s true, even though I am magic, then the air every being breathes, the life within the seas… It all means; as creatures of this planet, which floats in what beings call space, then I am a creation of magic to embody magic. I perceive myself as real, does that make me one of Roh’s characteristics he attributed to the term, magic realism?

Dinner time… I mean my turn:

All right, let’s do this! I know I am a character… ristic, my flesh and my mind feel the invisible made manifest and tangible through a magic my thoughts rationalise, even though, like you, I am the epitome of magic for me to comprehend the real of the magic all around us.

–I like a little game for dinner–

So, yes! I too believe we might be characteristics of magic realism, but don’t believe it can be contained within only 22- characteristics. It’s a relative term dependent upon the perspective of the observer and interactive influences within the greater mutual idea of the self, set in the world where you apparently live. And… we’re out. Dinner time!

Oh! Come on, don’t scream, you know it only makes me want you more.

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