About The Author

Hi, my name is Karen Eastland and I live in Northern Tasmania and have a BA in modern culture and a minor in ancient history with Macquarie University, and a Master of Letters (MLitt) with Central Queensland University. I am also a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society.

I am an urban, and paranormal, fantasy author and this is my portfolio. Not all my art is here, but all my previous art has been converted to e-book form. A search for me on Amazon is greatly appreciated, as it helps to widen the reach of my work.


There are a few ways you could buy me a coffee… or coffee machine, you can hit the PayPal button below or click this link to my Ki-Fo account where you can use Stripe or PayPal, or, with cryptocurrency by scanning the QR Code at the bottom of this page. It’s set for donations of your choosing. It doesn’t have to be a huge coffee maker…

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My Projects

Jerrymanders: is an experimental movie I made in 2017. It can be viewed on YouTube or at Jerrymanders. Don’t forget to follow the story of Jerrymanders by reading the news articles I wrote, and will continue to write, at the Reachville Community News Online, beginning with the first article, Little Finger evades capture. Then there are the Toddlystew SMS’, they tell their own hilarious story. Each link on the top menu at the site tells another aspect of the Jerrymanders story.

Networks – of which I have many, but will list only those I most frequent here.

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