About The Author

My name’s Karen Eastland. Originally from Perth, Western Australia, now living in Tasmania. With a BA in Culture and Ancient History (2017), and an MLitt (2019) I am endeavoring to publish quality stories.

I made an experimental movie in 2017, it can be seen by clicking this link:  Jerrymanders and released the first of a series of dark, yet fun, urban fantasies using some Greek myth (You can read about the Greek gods and monsters, imaginary creatures and so forth at thealticverse.com) , and many of the characters of old. The is first two trilogies, Josephine Marlin, are set in the Jerrymanders universe, and are part of a much larger story culminating in The Fields of Elysian finale.

For my latest updates, and to read some of my short stories, visit my portfolio website: kareneastland.id.au or follow my adventures on Facebook: @AuthorKarenEastland and LinkedIn.

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