The commotion of life surrounds me as silhouettes in the shadows. I see their form, I hear their breath on the wind and still I am alone.

Wandering through a treacherous maze of forgotten I, remembering’s fill the painful cracks of those grown year by year in grey matter it doesn’t matter but I cry. Longings of another time and place wrench the breath from my body and in defeat I crumbled and yet from the debris did I rise.

Spectre’s danced in the shadows to a tune known only to themselves embracing a darkness that is their home and I longed to join them. They sensed the warmth of my lone self fade into chilled air as their frenzied pounding illuminated itself into wild roars of laughter.

By feel I touch the dank damp walls confining the way to freedom but even through freedoms hand does the slimy moss ridden cavern embed itself deep into my subconscious.

An eerie chill overcomes me and constricts my breath but I don’t care. Short sharp steps led me through their darkness and whistling whines touch the crest of my hearing as all begins to take shape.

For long moments I peered into the darkness and waited for it to encompass me. The first cold touch upon my waning flesh drew the life from my being and upon the ridge of existence I sat for an eternity. A multitude of choices overflowed within and scanning all presented viable options I fell into the spectre’s embrace.

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