So it begins…

I am Gothicess and you are here as a masquerader, observer, or maybe participant?

Our masquerader’s will vie for the life seat ’til their life… ends. They will examine if life chose them, or if they chose life!

Our successful Masquerader will conduct the business of the life they chose as it was decided upon before.

Six Masquerader’s have the eye of the Grandmaster’s. Not all Masquerader’s have been challenged and the Masquerader who’ll hold the seat has already been selected, though they do not know, and must keep the seat for the final round.

If a Masquerader fails to hold their place during the interview process, they have the right to attempt to seize their position through interaction with a running Masquerader. To do this they must question the Masquerader’s response through comment and supply an alternative answer.

This also opens the floor for an anonymous, uninvited, commenter to capture the attention of the Grandmaster’s.

With so many souls screaming for the Guilds attention, it’s been decided some will be invited, but others may participate by stealing by pulling the chair out from under them.

The first round of interviews belong to everyone.

Give it a try!

You just might snatch glory from the hands of hope.

Each Masquerader will answers simple questions as their world-view allows. What is a speck of dust to one, is a galaxy to another.

No answer is incorrect
All Masquerader’s have been allocated a number for the first round of the interview. Each number is divisible by three as this process hinges on three things; death, birth, life.

There will be three rounds of interviews and the Masquerader will answer a question put to them by the Grandmaster’s themselves. For a short period, and before the next round, responses will be open to the public to respond, rebut, or provide a… show, if you will. A reckoning to surpass the usual limits of excellence.

The first Masquerader’s are; 639, 3627, 18, 9, 21, 10071

You can expect to hear from the Gothic Guild in the coming days… one way or another.

Let the games begin!

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