Masquerader 18’s Invitation

Prosthetic Gods was created using the website Storyboard That an apt use of technology in reference to Freud’s theory ‘technology is an extension of human beings, making us prosthetic gods’ (cited in Schirato & Webb 2004, p. 54).


Brunette: I knew it! It’s gonna be a long walk. 

Blonde: You know, I was thinking about Freud’s theory about technology being an extension of human beings, thereby making us prosthetic gods

Brunette: Cause I’m happy da da da

Blonde: The more we use technology in our  daily lives, the more we, as Feud correctly noted, the more it becomes an extension of the self.

Brunette: Goodbye to you, goodbye to everything that I knew…

Blonde: Therefore, if our bodies require electrical activity for us to function as let’s say, a computer or IPhone…

Brunette: Georgia, Georgia, a song or two. such an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind

Blonde: Then Freud knew we were conditioned, I’d say before we were born, to be the dominant role in our self-creations!

Brunette: I am a God, I am a God… damn her and her philosophical shit, I lost my spot and now she wants a response.

Blonde: But if we are prosthetic gods of technology then it’s possible we are our own creator? Right? Ah um… ah um…

Brunette: **Sighs – Yes, we are slaves to technology, more so than in any other recorded time in Earth’s history, therefore, I agree with Freud’s theory that WE are an extension of our own creation, US! Therefore we are prosthetic gods

By 18

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