For His Name Sake

Untethered by the restraints of a realm paling by comparison to the three universes, I have discovered the true me, and I know all. None can stand against my might, even those Grandmasters in their attempts to curb my appetites.

My name sake once told me a realm so cold, a prison for all souls lost to the arkeena and its bile. There I did travel, there I did cleanse, the Bellwethers all, even the child strapped with chain, naked and vile.

Genocide, the Grandmasters complained, genocide is forbade, but I took each mortal by their arkeena caked hair, tore back the curtain and lay them bare. None can enslave those I swore to keep from the defiled exsanguinating their lives by dictating those swine.

I slept in the blood of their master’s domains, feasted upon their rotted remains in search of the place my namesake did name and upon its mount did I find its frame, it was the the same and saw who was I.

Into Greatness

Into greatness did I rise and touch the dawns glowing skies, amidst all rays seeking their place in days and times passed now unto I, the great. Gods shall bow to my awesome power, the meek shall pander my every whim, the worlds will quake in the hour my birth begins.

A rising son, a magnet to lives thought well lived through lies pleasurable influences, and disguises, hiding not one soul from my gaze, my grasp. You know who I am but fear to speak my name, to be identified as the possible source to futures end.

I am risen to cleanse the worlds of magic, to take that which the Nexus requests, for the Nexus was made flesh, in the son who is I.

Weighing: The Scales of Justice

The dark of night embraces the silence of those cradling sleepers dreaming their dreams of sin, call one to the Piper shall all follow, and silence shall be their screams. No sign posts to Heaven, no elevators to Hell, all want for my touch both knowing and un. Race for the finish as fast as you can go, but don’t touch the clenching of those whose life’s full of woes, lest they become entrenched with your own, for the gods of the dead, weight with feather, for transgresses young and old.

Figure: Anubis Egypt figure (2017); Source: Günther (2017)

They take my hand and are pleased to do so and stories of trophies from this world to the next are false to the ears not hearing, deafened to truth and its whey, as each one who lies to the innocent skies will stay in torment, and remain. A shattered mirage gleans the night sky where I see them in sleep as they lie on their beds of deceit and mire. Fear not, for I’ll come unto you and cleanse your filth from your mind, your flesh and set your spirit free.