A short Interlude

I can be anything… anywhere, at anytime

Welcome fellow travellers. The Guild, is getting a rebuild… So be patient!

The interview process is part of a much larger project and a novel that will be out for xmas (The book jacket is not the final cut).

These interviews are part of the Jerrymanders world I built and made into a beat poetry movie with found footage. I, Soul-Eater, do not partake of such lowly activities, such as, rhyming for the masses, but Karen Eastland does.

This is she. Is it any wonder why we work as one?

Dance for the man, Karen Wwwaaaahhhahahahaha

Although the interviews came after the world-building, the Jerrymanders world comes first and meshes with Masquerader V’s final round of interviews. You can read all about his antics on page one of the Reachville Community News Online but may I suggest you read all the articles Cravern Looney carefully crafted for your amusement and information.

As One, a puuurrrrfect match

It’s all very bloody… bloody horrific considering it’s Reachville, the post-apocalyptic world for my debut novel: Sin-Eater

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