Untethered by the restraints of a realm paling by comparison to the three universes, I have discovered the true me, and I know all. None can stand against my might, even those Grandmasters in their attempts to curb my appetites.

My name sake once told me a realm so cold, a prison for all souls lost to the arkeena and its bile. There I did travel, there I did cleanse, the Bellwethers all, even the child strapped with chain, naked and vile.

Genocide, the Grandmasters complained, genocide is forbade, but I took each mortal by their arkeena caked hair, tore back the curtain and lay them bare. None can enslave those I swore to keep from the defiled exsanguinating their lives by dictating those swine.

I slept in the blood of their master’s domains, feasted upon their rotted remains in search of the place my namesake did name and upon its mount did I find its frame, it was the the same and saw who was I.

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