On the Edge of a Dagger

The twist of life on a daggers edge carves futures tendrils and nicks all hopes and dreams.
Pretty is she who watches and cares remaining free by taming nights scenes for her pleasure.
I saw a Robin fly the other day it saw me look and flew away but with a thought I made it stay.
Power grows along the bladed edge with each sin sharpening its slice at life.
Moans cries sighs deniers all come to the knife willing and not and bend to my will.
I am here but also there like the blue of the sky and white of the clouds I am everywhere.
Lightening strikes the clock at twelve to midnight skies dreams held in nights hand belong to me.
Cast long shadows and shaded graves move by thought stranded by days light full moon.
The twist of life on a daggers edge carving freedoms thought owed now denied.
I am the Nexus.
I rule the universes.
None can stop what has begun.
No rulers left to try.
I call upon the Bearer secreted away waiting watching for her time to try and take me down.
I fear no-one nothing can touch which was made through magics far beyond the understanding of it.
I am the Nexus.
Fear me!

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