Alone Again

It’s been interesting having the girls for a few weeks. They’re more than a little undisciplined than I’d like by now but didn’t have time to correct their unruly behaviour. This realm needs someone like me to help shape young minds. I’m sending them back their mothers sometime this week.

Maybe the next girl will behave herself and write a decent letter on her views about life, the universe and realms without all the profanity. I’m unavailable for a few days. Reachville’s in an election cycle and it’s not easy preparing the girls to go home.

I gave Tiffany a send off last night, she should be with her other family soon. I was able to take photos this time and will have them developed before you have my answer to question three. I’m off grid for a few days but will come back with more news on the girls.

Masquerader V

Image source: Zilles 2017, Say goodbye old man man away, viewed 4 June 2019,

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