Welcome to the final round

Figure: Art portrait human old antique Source: Richter (2018) Eastland (2019)


We had a spy within our ranks seeking an entry into our worlds from the Shadowland’s, a gruelling, hot and dirty space between the Now’s and Then’s, the Those and They’s, a land beings from this world have labelled many things, but that’s a Hell of a way to spend a Wednesday!

Never mind all that, let’s get on with the news.

After Fiction’s folly and failure to infiltrate the Guild, the Grandmaster’s came to a decision about who they’d like to know more about. It was someone they perceived as being worthy of the position on offer, the user now known as Masquerader V.

The question Masquerader V must answer is: Write a short story about who you are without saying who you are.

We all wish V good luck. Don’t fail us now, you saw what happened to Fiction!

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