Fiction is Disqualified!

Masquerader Fiction’s Invitation

Figure: Gothicess

Sound Effects: McClelland (2013); Irish Man Videos (2011)
Vocals: Eastland (2019)
Image: Melling (2015)

While the Death Screamers, Annabel and the Whisperers keep watch over the interviewees, the Grandmaster’s and I, Gothicess PR queen and nightmarishly delightful, will work behind the scenes, well it’s always behind the scenes when it comes to… Other beings, of the Gothic Guild and will fill… You in when WE are ready and not a moment… Before!

(The enhanced hiss throughout is a deliberate technique I’ve used to give more depth to the Gothicess character.)

This website has a game it has been playing, ciphers can be found but not yet deciphered because not all the ciphers have been revealed.

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