I am the Creator

Masquerader Drama’s Invitation

Image source: Fantasy angel light wing float Gellinger (2019)
Music source: Chill jazzy lofi hip hop by Dj Quads (2017)


Embossing pinks flowers show, carpeted links on a tapestry of growth; Layered across mineraled taper composed and made manifest by the Creator.

Turned and polished varnished woods pressings abolished made to look good; All from the imagination of the Creator.

Speckled greys a sea of black an image of a cosmos drawn and etched from one mind to another; A revelation of the Creator.

Striped and streaked edges sway crafted to life in other ways; Wall laid and gifted by the Creator.

Green ocean words swim over shelves and columns of the same movement in soft winds; Wafting through air on current waves set in motion by the Creator.

Murmurs roar and barely whisper shining from one ear to another of everchanging initial thoughts; Caught in the echoes of the creator.

Deep brown gaze mirrors love set upon a lodge of hewn and sawn clay fired beauty; Shouts its memory forged by the Creator.

Boxed clasped sealant sets over forget-me-nots; Though never forgets the Creator.

The curved green sway anchored to moor at the place of seeing upon crested foam; Sights shimmer lightly o’er green seas an interpretation of the Creator.

Bone and sinew nerves and blood meld and crafted imaginative effort wrapped for love; All gather together an image of the Creator.

Shaped solid blacks silvers and tans crafted amongst the many replicating the few by the mind of the Creator.

Tinted hues blues, whites and grey skies shiver drenched see all and every, of the lost; Intent to explain the Creator.

Mirrored memories closely coveted shimmering’s of who knew the new mind; Transcriptions of the Creator.

Rustling whispers tap against the pane perfect rhythm of pains grasp on realities pasts; Kept contained by the Creator.

Silver lightening dancing flora caught on breezes of forever; Wisp and sway ‘tween night and day the music of the Creator.

Greens and yellows dappled splays illuminate yesterday’s soft cool touch; Into the ether empty lies used-to-be’s shell drawn and haggard into their Hell; Screaming echoes choose the path of the Creator.

Puffed up feathery soft and silky tiny claws clasp ‘round thin trees; A miracle of the Creator.

The hush and whisper of leaves so green gathering together and the world breathes the breath of the Creator.

Hot and sticky a Summers sun collecting, pooling in place; Its sultry heated winds rush the harsh impact of times sands an exhale of the Creator.

It washes and flows and crossed yesteryears woes calm and soothing a future for regrettable pasts; All hiding in the shadows by the grace of the Creator.

Figure 22: The seat of the soul lies in the eye of the beholder

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