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Masquerader 21’s Invitation

I know truth is a tale in a lie, I felt its reach deep in my mind, so I stole its stolen sight, as the beast looked right in my eye, and knew I created universes all.

Figure: Tree sunset amazing beautiful Sources: Zygomatic (2019); Eastland (2019)

I See Life Everywhere…

Transcript for word art tree:

The universe is a collage of red fires and blue skies, deserts and rain forests, you and I. With every spark so immeasurably small, obscured is a life fully lived within a world of unknown truths and characteristics amused and crazed, how can we know what we do not know in each passing day. A foetus sees a universe buried deep within a human body, or the pouch of a Kangaroo and more. Their worlds are complete and provide sustenance, fluids, protection and room to grow.

Within the deadliest of volcanoes evolves, thrives and colonises within Fímmvörðuháls lava (Kelly 2014), microbial life and on further, reflective thought a river of life can be found with more than one-hundred species of bacteria thriving in a human inhospitable world is a universe thought undiscoverable. We are conquered by our fears and impossible ideologies about life living in a volatile world (Paulson & Reporter 2004).

In this we discover at its core, life finds a way in the form of bugs that appear to have evolved to begin the process of the beginning of our pasts. If life at a microbial level could not evolve, adapt and grow, then the life humans know falls to ash in the shadow of their footfall. With every step of our way we corrupt a world once teaming with perfection and become the reaper of our own selves. A diluted, fabricated, plasticised past is what we leave to a future already lost to our expiring legacies. I feel life can find a way.

Wordart 2019, Word Art, viewed 22 April 2019, https://wordart.com

By 21

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