Masquerader 639’s Invitation

Is it time we seek to alter fates, or should mine eyes see the unsightly and nevertheless, know its tranquil beauty? One asks for proof, while another merely shifts with fates winds wherever they may take them. Most never question and only see answers as they intertwine within the space of time’s flow. If one falls should we cast blame upon the unknowable? They rail against the real and do not transcend the seen. Through hollow prayers they catch a ride on the flow of life as it moves in a direction unfathomable within their mind’s eye. They believe in the magic of unseen forces, trust in beings they have no possible conception of and share their magic with them, but can never perceive life’s direction.

A universe moves with every action, it embraces our life-force and yet it is unseen. So many deny belief in a universe known, but can transcend to a position of mansions in clouds by an unseeable, unknowable deity. Magic is real. We move through it every moment of every day and we take its gift of life with every breath. Its invisibility moves with us, not against us. It is free of the need for absolution and expects nothing more than who, or what, we are. We see the truth to life and yet crave the finger of blame and struggle to be the best, to outdo our neighbours, all for a hope those prayers caught on times winds will one day house them in castles, and to bow every moment to their unseen, unknowable God.

A concept never fully understood but accepted as immutable proof. The universe shares itself with itself, for we are but dust caught in an ocean of doubts and intentions, then moulded into creatures seeking forgiveness for things thought, not acted upon, for wanting a better life, but fear it would be a precept to the sinfulness of greed, and coveting thy neighbours things, a goal encouraged by those who would first cast the stone for a want to please them, so I ask what is God? 

The universal life-force, freely gifted to us all, that shifts, shuffles, and transposes our every will or want blindly sought by purpose, and power, of each prayer caught in times constantly evolving path forward?

By 639

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