Hello and welcome

Yesterday the the final R.S.V.P. arrived All Masquerader’s have chosen to participate. Their creations will become visible on the website throughout the next ten days.

For part one of the interview, the comment system will be open for spectators to show themselves, if they feel they were unlucky to miss out on selection.

At the end of part one, three Masquerader’s will lose their opportunity to participate in part two. They can however, attempt to claw back their position via the comments system. Spectators can attempt to steal it from them, but must respond in kind. If the Masquerader submits a piece of poetry, comments must continue along the same theme.

Part two of the interview is to select the final Masquerader. It is open to comments, as already mentioned, and the same rules apply as they did for part one.

Part three of the interview is not open for comments.

The last Masquerader standing is required to create a short story. It is expected to take four weeks to complete, although they are able to submit portions for your perusal.

The interview is not all it appears. There are secrets everywhere. In pictures, in script, in voice and in tone, taking you along the trail to know, who the Grandmaster’s are. But they will be encrypted and without the ciphers, impossible to discover. All will hint at where the final Masquerader is taking you and where the Grandmaster’s want to be led.

Good luck!

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